Dead Week!

With finals, sorority craziness, and an upcoming job change, sometimes it can be hard to keep everything organized.  Somehow, though, I’ve managed to maintain my composure and battle through it all fairly stress-free.  Here are my secrets:

1. Take care of yourself!  I cannot stress this enough.  Evaluate what you’re doing with your time and cut out toxic actions.  Spending 8 hours a night Skyping your boyfriend?  That’s probably not a healthy relationship.  Taking three hour naps each day that prevent you from sleeping at a reasonable hour?  Those are most likely hurting you more than they help.  Once you identify your negative habits, cut them out!  Then replace them with productivity, sufficient sleep, healthy meals, and a reasonable amount of leisure time.  You really can do it all!

2. Start somewhere.  Really, that’s all there is to it!  Stop complaining about everything you have to do, and do it.  Sometimes a huge to-do list can seem overwhelming, but the sooner you get to work on it, the sooner you’ll be done!

3. Smile.  Whatever you do, do NOT let your busy schedule foster a negative attitude.  If you believe in your abilities and appreciate your opportunities throughout the process, things will be a million times easier.  Negativity seriously accomplishes nothing.

4. Use your resources.  Go to office hours.  Ask people who have been in your classes what their finals were like.  Delegate tasks to committees and assistants if you have them.  Chances are, you have a ton of helpful resources at your fingertips, so take advantage of them to maximize your time.


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