What I’m Excited About: Michael Kors at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So I’m trying really hard not to be impulsive about this purchase and I’ve been thinking about it a lot these past few days. My first thought was “Is Michael Kors too trendy of an investment?” I mean, this is definitely a trend from this past fall, and I certainly don’t want to be that girl that is excitedly hopping on the bandwagon almost a year later. However, after lots of debating, I’ve decided that a MK watch really isn’t just a buzz item. These watches are trendy because they’re Michael Kors, yes, but they are also timeless by design. They are not too flashy or wild, and I can almost guarantee that they will still be wearable and beautiful in 10, 20, or 30 years. And at below $200, they’re basically a steal. Basically. Here are my three favorites:

Michael Kors ‘Cameron’ Round Bracelet Watch

Sale: $166.90

Michael Kors ‘Lucy’ Crystal Bezel Bracelet Watch

 Sale: $129.90

Michael Kors ‘Cameron’ Round Bracelet Watch

Sale: $183.90
But really you guys…I need help with this. Which one do I get?!

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