Back to School Series

Back to School Series

Outfit #1: MOVE IN DAY
Move in day is hectic, and that’s putting it lightly. You will carry a million boxes and you will get very sweaty. For this reason-DO NOT WEAR A DRESS ON MOVE IN DAY. I cannot stress this enough. Instead, opt for a cute pair of trendy high-waisted shorts, a loose-fitting top, and comfortable shoes. Cute? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. You can thank me later 🙂

I’m a strong believer that it is important to dress up for class, and fall term is the best time to do so because you don’t have to deal with the extra challenge that is the rain. Looking put-together makes a great impression on professors as well as other students. When you look like you know what you’re doing, people expect you to know what you’re doing and thus you’re giving off an aura of professionalism. Always good! You don’t even have to sacrifice style or comfort to make it happen. Stretchy black pants look sleek but feel just like sweatpants. Pair them with some on-trend smoking flats and a colorful button-up. Win-win-win.

Once, I wore rain boots to the library. Worst. Decision. Ever. Seriously. I kept trying to cross my legs and get comfortable, but my stiff boots wouldn’t allow me to move at all. I left pretty quickly because I couldn’t focus while I was so uncomfortable. SO. The lesson here is to wear flats to the library-optimal leg movement, ya know. Pair those with some cute colored denim and a sweater or cardigan. Don’t wear bracelets or rings because that can make it hard to write or type for long periods of time. Instead, try a simple classic necklace. Looking cute is important because you’ll definitely see people you know at the lib, but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort or you won’t be there for long.

Look out for more back-to-school outfits! Coming soon: sorority rush, first night out, football game. Anything else I should cover?

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