Getting An Edge In Your Next Presentation


Like it or not, you present your image everywhere you go.  Every time you enter a room, speak words to someone, or race down a hallway you are projecting a presence.  Your energy, your confidence, and your look all send a message.  It’s instant.

Here’s a way to think about this:



Starting Your Presentation:


1)   Consider Your Audience

  • what do you know about this audience?
  •  how long is their attention span?
  •  how deep is their knowledge?
  •  what do they want from you?

2)   Have A Clear Point of View

  • what is it you want to say?
  • how can you make your point strongest?
  • what evidence do you have to back this up?

3)   Segment Your Presentation Into Logical Sections

  • what is the simplest way to present your data or point of view?
  • how would you then add a level of sophistication/complexity – if it’s needed?
  • is there…

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