Good Customer Service and Past Restaurant Experience will Serve You Well in PR and Advertising


Sometimes I look back at those days of servant-hood – yes, the days I spent being a server at a restaurant.

That job could get stressful.  You’d have people breathing down your back and treating you like their own personal servant; hence, my reference to servant-hood.   Furthermore, you’d work hard to offer your customers the best possible service, and sometimes you’d still only find pennies left at the table for you.  Other times, you’d serve a table that really put you to work.  You’d bring their drinks and food to the table, and then they’d ask you to bring ketchup.  Once you delivered them their ketchup, they’d ask for toothpicks.  After you’d bring them toothpicks, they’d demand refills, napkins, and more ketchup.  You get the point.  If you’ve ever served at a restaurant, you can definitely relate.  The work is difficult and stressful.

And though the work was rough, I’m actually not complaining one…

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